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  • Are you noticing spots, spider webs or insect-like shapes in front of your eyes?

    They are called floaters.

    These occur as a result of age-related changes to the jelly-like substance of the eye called the vitreous. Floaters generally move around and are more easily identified against brighter backgrounds such as white walls and blue skies.

    Should you be concern?

    Most floaters are benign and innocuous. Most people learn to suppress and ignore them in their vision.

    However, an increase in a number of floaters and if they are accompanied by flashes of lights in your vision, it could be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment. If this occurs, visit Eastlakes Eyecare as soon as possible for a comprehensive eye examination.

    Can they be removed?

    Larger floaters can get annoying especially when it is interfering with your vision. Floaters can be managed with laser treatment which breaks down these floaters. If you are interested in this treatment, see our Optometrist Nicole and she will tell your if you're an eligible candidate.