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  • Lens Quality affects Your Vision

    People commonly make the mistake of not spending enough time considering their lens options. Choosing the correct lens materials, designs and coatings for your needs is critical in maximising your visual comfort. It is the lenses you choose, rather than the frame, that determine how happy you are with your eyewear.

    Lens Materials

    There are a wide range of lens materials to choose from including crown glass, CR-39 plastics, high index plastics, polycarbonate and trivex. Each lens material has its own specific optical qualities – making it important to choose the correct lens material for you. Our Optometrist and dispensers at Eastlakes Eyecare are experts in manipulating lens optical qualities to enhance your vision and comfort in your daily activities such as reading, driving, computer use, work safety use etc.

    Lens Quality Quantification

    Abbe value provides an objective measure of the dispersion of light as it passes through the lens. In other words, it measures the amount of chromatic aberrations of a lens. Each lens material has its own Abbe value. Lens materials with a lower Abbe values cause more chromatic aberrations and visual distortions and discomfort.

    At Eastlakes Eyecare, we stock a range of high quality lens brands including Hoya, Essilor, Bonastar, Zeiss and many more. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and are trained in providing you with the best lens types, materials and coatings for your visual needs.

    Visit Eastlakes Eyecare today for top quality advice and recommendations on the different lens options that best suits you.