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  • Can you buy Ray-Ban sunglasses for $29.99?! You'll see Facebook ads like these come up on your newsfeed, and may have been tagged in them yourself.

    Are they giving you the right sun protection? Maybe not! We have had patients come in with their $29.99 RayBan sunglasses bought from the sites advertising on Facebook, and we compared them to the ones in our store and noticed a distinct difference in manufacture, lens type and quality.

    Can we legally say these $29.99 Ray Ban sunglasses are fake? Legally we can't.

    But, we can definitely say that we're an official Ray Ban stockist and offer 100% authentic Ray Ban sunglasses and optical frames. And they don't look the same as what we have.

  • Fake sunglasses can actually do more damage to your eyes than wearing nothing at all. Because they usually do not have UV protection to Australian Standards, they do not protect your eyes. And worse than that, because the dark colour of the lens 'tricks' your eyes into thinking their protected, your pupil opens up (dilates) actually allowing more harmful UV rays into the eye than would have happened normally!

    We suggest if you want Ray Ban sunglasses to buy them from an Authorised stockist.