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  • Blepharitis and Eye Lid Inflammation

  • What is Blepharitis?

    Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids causing red, sore itchy eyelids. In some cases very small crusts or scales will form on the eyelashes. It usually affects both eyes and although uncomfortable and irritating, it generally does not cause damage to your eyesight and is not contagious Our Optometrist will help you manage blepharitis with some simple and easy treatments.

    What causes blepharitis?

    Blepharitis is common, affects people of all ages. Common cause of blepharitis include skin conditions such as acne rosacea and dandruff, bacterial infection of the eyelids, ageing, the uses of cosmetics and eye make-up and some medications

    Types of blepharitis?

    There are two major types of blepharitis and some people may experience both types at the same time. Anterior blepharitis occurs at the outside front edge of the eyelid where the lashes are. The common causes of anterior blepharitis are skin conditions and mild bacterial

    Posterior blepharitis, or meibomian gland dysfunction, occurs at the inside edge of the eyelid that touches the eye’s surface. The meibomian glands are responsible for secreting an oily substance that forms part of normal tears. If the glands do not function properly, this can cause changes to the tears and lead to inflamed eyelids.

    Can blepharitis be treated?

    Yes. While blepharitis is commonly a chronic eye condition that requires ongoing treatment, the good news is that blepharitis can be successfully treated.


  • Treatment

    Blepharitis might take several weeks before there is an improvement.

    You will need to continue the treatment long-term or the discomfort can return.

     Three steps to treat blepharitis:

    1. Heat
    2. Massage
    3. Scrubbing (or cleaning) the eyelids.

    Step 1. Heat should be applied using a face cloth or washer that has been wrung out in hot water - as hot as is comfortable. Apply heat in this way for five minutes then:-

    Step 2. Massage the eyelids. Eyelids should be gently rubbed. The aim of massaging is to express the oil from the tiny glands in the eyelids before you:-

    Step 3. Clean the edges of the eyelids using one drop of baby shampoo mixed with water. Dip a cotton bud or the corner of a clean washer in the mixture and scrub the edges of the eyelids gently to remove the oil and build-up secretions.

    Be very careful of the eye itself.

    If the blepharitis flares up again you need to do the treatment more often.

    Eye lubricants can be used to help with symptoms. Also in severe cases our optometrists at Eastlakes Eye Care can prescribe antibiotic or steroid drops to help with initial treatment.

    At Eastlakes Eye Care we can help you with managing and detecting blepharitis. Call us on 96673545.

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