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  • UV and the Eyes

  • Sun damage can be prevented

    Just like your skin, your eyes can get sunburnt too. This damage to the eye is usually painless, without many symptoms, yet can impair vision. Excessive amounts of UV radiation can lead to abnormal changes to different parts of our eye.

    Effects on the conjunctiva (overlying layer of the eye)

    Damage to the overlying layer of your eyes occurs as a result of high UV level exposure. With a long term exposure to UV radiation, this layer of the eye can thicken to form a fleshy growth called a pterygium. This has the potential to grow onto the cornea which can interfere with your vision and become a cosmetic problem. Treatment involves surgical removal of this growth.

    Effects on the lens

    UV radiation exposure to the eyes is associated with cataract formation. Cataracts are opacities in the lens of the eye and will diminish a person’s vision in a way similar to looking through a dirty window. Although cataracts are a natural consequence of ageing, recent research has linked it with prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

    Effects on the macula

    One of the leading external factors that contribute to Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is UV exposure. It is imperative that anyone who is at risk of AMD (such as a family history) or who have any changes to their macula get the best possible sunglasses to minimise their risk.

    Who does it affect?

    Children and young adults are at risk. These groups tend to engage in a many outdoor activities where they become exposed to high amounts of UV radiation.

    Avoiding the Effects of UV Radiation on Your Eyes

    The simplest solution is finding a good pair of sunglasses to cut down the UV rays reaching your eyes and to minimise sun glare. That way you can enjoy your fun outdoor activities whilst protecting your eyes from UV.

    At Eastlakes Eye Care we can help you find  sunglasses that correctly fit your face, have the best UV and glare protection and minimise your risk of UV damage. You can even get sunglasses with your prescription, as well as transitions lenses, specialised UV and blue light reducing filter or sport and swimming goggles with UV protection, to suit your vision needs and lifestyle.

    It is simple to minimise your risk of sun related eye damage. Don’t let your eyes be at risk! Come in to Eastlakes Eye Care to discuss the best options for sun protection.








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