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  • Glasses Donations at Eastlakes

  • Donate your old glasses at Eastlakes Eye Care

    At Eastlakes Optometrist we accept glasses donations of any preowned prescription glasses or sunglasses. We kindly accept donations of your unwanted spectacles and we directly give them to the hospital in Fiji, or our optometrist will be taking glasses on her volunteer mission to Ghana, and distributing them directly to patients in need.

    Bring in any glasses that you have for us to check, no matter what the prescription. However, we cannot give broken or badly damaged frames, or very scratched lenses. 

    But as long as they are in working order, all old glasses will be distributed directly to those in need!

    If you have any questions about our donation program call us here at Eastlakes Optometrist on 02 9667 3545.

    One man's trash is another man's vision!


    To find out more about some of the agencies we assist please visit:












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