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  • How to Clean Contact Lenses

  • How to care for you contact lenses:

    • Always wash your hands with a mild soap and thoroughly dry them before handling your contact lenses.
    • Ensure lenses are completely immersed in solution in the lens case.
    • DO NOT use if the packaging is not sealed.
  • Lens Application

    1. Before inserting your lens, make sure they are not inside out. Place it on your index finger; the edges of the lens should form a bowl shape and not point outwards
    2. Using your middle finger of one hand, hold your lower lid down. With the index finger of the other hand, raise the upper lid
    3. Place lens onto the eye
    4. Check the lens is centred before releasing the lids
    5. Repeat for the other eye

    Lens Removal

    1. With the middle finger of each hand, separate the lids
    2. Look up and slide the lens down to the white part of your eye with your index finger
    3. With your index finger and thumb, pinch the lens to lift it up from the eye


    Clean and disinfect your lenses by following the instructions for your lens solution or as directed by your optometrist.

    Lenses drying out

    Re-wet it with disinfection, soaking or rinsing solution then follow the disinfection/soaking step from above.


    • Replace contact lenses frequently, especially if they are damaged, contaminated or scratched. Your optometrist will inform you of the recommended lens wearing and cleaning regime and the frequency of the replacement.
    • For daily disposable contact lenses, discard your lenses after each use and DO NOT re-wear. Upon insertion, if the contact lenses are uncomfortable, remove and rinse the lenses with sterile saline or any solution recommended by your optometrist.
    • ALWAYS clean and disinfect your lenses as instructed, after lens removal. Regularly clean and replace lens case.
    • Red, irritated and painful eyes with the contact lenses, remove them immediately and consult your optometrist as soon as possible.
    • Avoid contaminating lenses with oily make-up, moisturising soaps, aerosol sprays or wearing them near noxious fumes.
    • Avoid long fingernails as they increase the risk of contamination and infection.
    • Never share contact lenses.


    • DO NOT sleep in your lenses, unless your optometrist has specified that it is safe.
    • DO NOT wear your lenses longer than the recommended period.
    • DO NOT use household products to clean or disinfect your lenses.
    • DO NOT wear your lenses when using eye drops (unless optometrist has advised it is safe).
    • DO NOT use your saliva to wet your lenses.
    • DO NOT rinse lenses or lens case with tap water.