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    • Children's Vision

    • Give your children the best chance in life! Kids don't normally voice their symptoms so regular eye tests are often the only way to detect early vision problems. 

      With children early detection is imperative. Many vision and eye disorders if discovered in the early stages of life can be treated. Lazy eye (amblyopia), for example, is one of the most common causes of monocular (one eyed) blindness amongst children and adults. Treatment before the age of 8 can reverse vision loss from a lazy eye. 

    • Children can also suffer from a range of vision and binocular vision issues. These problems can manifest themselves as reading issues, learning difficulties, skipping words, reversals of letters, headaches, tiredness and poor attention. 

      Children rarely will complain of poor vision. Seeing the world blurry is the only thing they've known! So regular eye tests are imperative.

      We recommend having a check at an optometrist just before starting school, and every two years thereafter. Book in with us today on 02 9667 3545.








      All eye tests are Medicare Bulk Billed. No out of pocket expense for a comprehensive eye examination.

      We offer on the spot health fund claiming for most health funds. 
      We can help you find a smarter way to use your health fund benefits.

      Eye examinations, contact lenses, children's vision, No Gap glasses.

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