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    • Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

      At Eastlakes Eye Care we don't want to find a solution for your eye problem, we would rather find a solution to prevent any eye problems in the first place.

      We very strongly believe in preventative eye care. Did you know that two of the major external factors in the development of Macular Degeneration are sun damage and diet? UV damage in Australia is extremely common, and can affect all age groups. Wearing well fitted, category 3 sunglasses with 100% UV protection can help delay the development of unsightly pterygiums and irritating pinguecula, earlier onset of cataracts and can contribute to vision threatening Macular Degeneration.

      We have a specialised UV meter in store where we can measure the exact percentage of UV protection in any sunglass lens. Bring your old sunnies in at any time to test out their effectiveness.

      Diabetes and cardiovascular issues can also have a serious impact on the vision and eye health. It is recommended that all diabetic patients test their eyes at least EVERY YEAR to ensure there are no early signs of diabetic eye disease. Early changes can be easily spotted and treated, long before any effect on the vision is noticed by patients. But if you leave diabetic changes undetected they can lead to severe loss of vision.








      All eye tests are Medicare Bulk Billed. No out of pocket expense for a comprehensive eye examination.

      We offer on the spot health fund claiming for most health funds. 
      We can help you find a smarter way to use your health fund benefits.

      Eye examinations, contact lenses, No Gap glasses.

      We are conveniently located near Eastlakes, Rosebery, Mascot, Botany, Daceyville, Kingsford, Hillsdale, Pagewood, Eastgardens, Alexandria, Green Square, Kensington, Matraville. We only are 5 minutes from Sydney Airport, in Sydney's South Eastern Suburbs.